Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I miss you

I started back at work last week and it went pretty well with the whole being-separated-from-baby-after-11-weeks-and-putting-her-in-the-hands-of-strangers thing. But for some reason, this week has been harder, especially today. I miss her terribly today, I wonder why?

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Vanilla Lavender said...

Oh Jeni... I don't even know how it feels... since I had Luna I've been at home with her... soon she'll be going to school and I'm already feeling that kinda of separation anxiety... Hope you gals are doing fine!

girlnblack77 said...

I know exactly what you mean. When my first was a month old, I left her with my mom-in-law and bawled all the way to the grocery store and back. And when I had to go back to work after each of mine, the first week was okay (tolerable) but the second week was just awful. I think it's because my guard was up the first week and I was mentally prepared. Then, after only two days of being home, I had to go back to work and had not psyched myself up enough. Hang in there. You know she loves it when you walk through the door!... and when they get older, they enjoy telling you all about what they've done all day, and the quality of that one-on-one time when you reunite each day will almost make up for the quantity you don't. I promise it does get better.

TinyRockerGrrl said...

Aww! How could you not miss such a sweet little lady!? { hug }

Jeni said...

Thank you for the support ladies and I so look forward to the day where she can share her day's events with me. For now, I do get a smile at my arrival and I treasure every moment in the evening where she'll tolerate me hahaha.

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