Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beer migration

I am not a huge lover of beer. I do like it and I will drink it, happily. However, if I am allowed only one drink (which I am since I'm nursing) and am given the choice of beer or wine, I will always choose wine. There are a couple of beers I hold quite closely to my heart and perhaps it's that they are so hard for me to get that I love them so much.

Beer number one is Fat Tire. It's brewed in Colorado. I used to live there with my father and when I went back and visited several years ago, I tried Fat Tire for the first time. I fell in love with it. I was treated to it again the last time I was in Arizona. I was sad not to find it on the east coast. That is, until 3 weeks ago. I was in Moe's (the fast food mexican joint) and they were selling the Amber Ale by the 22 oz. bottle. Later that week, I found one last bottle for sale at Parker and Otis. This weekend though, I was very very happy to be treated to it on tap at Tyler's as one of their seasonals. It seems Fat Tire has finally made the ride to the east coast.

Beer number two is Sweetwater Blue. I was turned on to this by two friends that had friends in Atlanta. It's a lovely ale with a hint of blueberry. I looked forward to holidays when the friends would make the trek up from Atlanta and always with some Sweetwater Blue. Well, life happens and people move, drift apart, get divorced, etc. I haven't had Sweetwater Blue for many years. That is, until last night. When I was shopping at my local Kroger yesterday, I traveled down the beer aisle to see if they maybe had Fat Tire. This is when I spied the six pack of my other beer love. At $9.14/6 pack, I find it a little steep for casual daily consumption (not that I drink beer daily), but this was a special occasion. I was celebrating my two favorite beers migrating to Durham!

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muddywaters said...

We like all of New Belgium's beers. I like Fat Tire and a beer called Blue Paddle. In the summer I like their Skinny Dip, a great lite beer.

I'll need to track down some Sweetwater Blue. I don't know if we can get it West of the Mississippi.

thanks for sharing,

Elra said...

I don't drink beer, but thanks for all of this info.

Ricardo said...

Nice beer review, well presented :) xxx

Heather said...

i'm totally not a beer person, but nick loves it so i'll let him see this post :D

melissa said...

How cool for you that they migrated, as it were. We don't drink beer much but when we do it's Boddington's Pale Ale. Really good stuff. Fat Tire is another good one, also well liked among my friends.

I didn't know you could drink at all while nursing, sooo I learned something new. :P

Triplet Mama said...

Oh I like this post. The way you write about beer made me almost thirsty for one - I haven't had one for years. Last time was probably a Stella Artois on Ludlow Street...

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