Thursday, May 7, 2009

God I suck

This poor blog has been so neglected since the baby has been born. It's not that I don't have the time to cook. I do and I do. And my love of food hasn't dwindled. I've just not been filled with inspiration to photograph and document what I'm cooking. The baby gets all of my attention and focus. I keep her (private) blog current and filled with almost daily photographs.

From here out, I'm going to make an effort to cook a lot of food on Sundays (so I can freeze or easily finish off dinner during the week). I will try to blog these cooking ventures for you. I do apologize for the decrease in post frequency, but what can I say? Take a look at who's occupying my time (isn't she cute)!

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Vanilla Lavender said...

We miss your cooking posts but she is a cutie!!! Enjoy!!!

Elra said...

I think we all understand how busy you are with the new baby Jeni. So, take it easy...

Both you and the baby look so adorable.

girlnblack77 said...

Very, very understandable.

BTW, in previewing your post in Google Reader, I had a moment of dyslexia and thought you wrote you had neglected the *dog* since becoming a mom. That would be much worse... but since the blog is not a living creature, the neglect is much more forgivable. ;)

We'll be here, ready to read when you're ready to post.

melissa said...

Kudos to you for posting at ALL. No one can blame you for focusing on your daughter. These moments with her come once in a lifetime. These moments with us online are background noise by comparison, and those of us who enjoy you and your food will still be here if you want to continue.

Happy Mother's Day Jeni!

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