Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bright lights

It's amazing how different things look at night versus during the day. My commute transpires during daylight hours so it wasn't until this weekend, when I ventured out of town, that I was able to see all the amazing lights that are now flickering downtown.

The Lucky Strike tower dazzles with her rainbow colored lights on the American Tobacco Campus. Brightleaf flickers with lights and is adorned with decorations. Then there's the light sculpture at the new Durham Performing Art Center. I was amazed when I spied it from the Freeway. I'm sure to never miss my exit at night!!

I received my Neighborhood Association Newsletter this weekend and was tickled to see that Sunday is our "Night of Lights". They are selling luminaries to put out in everyone's yards and will be lining the park with them. I can't wait to see it all aglow. It probably won't be as magical as recent years due to the construction and re-routing of Ellerbee Creek, but I just love the mystery that night brings and enjoy even more the calmness and comfort of soft flickering lights.

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