Friday, December 5, 2008

Bull Durham and images of an older Durham

I suppose I should probably wait to write this until I've finished the movie, but I just can't resist. I rented Bull Durham and we began watching it last night. I'm ashamed to say I had never seen it, Durham lover that I am. And watching every scene thus far has been thrilling. I love seeing places I am familiar with on the big screen.

It's also pretty fascinating to see how much has changed just in the last 20 years (and not just Tim Robbins hair). It was really funny to see even the evolution of Wool E. Bull. Even though I grew up just 10 miles (give or take a few) away from Durham, I didn't frequent the downtown area much until I moved here a few years ago. I must admit that as a teenager, I was intimidated by the maze of one way streets.

There's so much growth and development going on Downtown, I am curious what it will look like when things lull to point of non-construction. It seems the skyline is forever changing. I can't imagine what it's like for those people who have lived in and loved this town for decades.

We only got an hour in last night before I needed to head to bed, but I can't wait to finish it. If anyone has any input on things in the movie that are true to history or not, I'd love to hear it.

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teg said...

I have not seen it either! Also didn't know Tim Robbins was in it...thought John C. Reilly was...oops.

My knowledge ends with Susan Sarandon. :)

Ginny said...

I first watched Bull Durham in 2004 after I moved to the Bull City and I fell in love with it. I experienced the same things you're talking about, pointing out the spots I recognize and thinking it was need to see Susan Sarandon walk past what would later become my West Village apartment in the opening scene on her walk to the ballpark.

But aside from all the recognizable places, the movie itself is incredibly well-written and entertaining. I won't ruin it for you but there's the amazing scene where Kevin Costner tells Susan Sarandon what he believes in. OMG, it is the best!

I'm glad you're finally watching it. You'll want to see it again and again.

Jeni said...

Tracey - You'll have to rent it! Tim Robbins has HUGE hair in it!

Ginny - I've really enjoyed it so far. I did get to see the scene last night that you're referring to and it was very well written. There's a lot of witty dialogue so far. An unexpected pleasant surprise!

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