Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day - an excuse to celebrate with food

There's a restaurant here in Durham that I've been wanting to go to for almost 3 years now. Magnolia Grill has received much critical acclaim and the menu always looks so inventive and tasty, without being too bizarre. Budgetwise, it's definitely a special occasion place.

Normally we regard this holiday as a greeting card holiday and wouldn't bother trying to fight the crowds for a meal, but with baby quickly approaching, we decided to go for it this year. Plus we're going a day early so it shouldn't be quite as bad. I'm looking forward to getting dolled up and digging in! You can bet I'll be reporting back on my experience.

How about you? How (or even) will you celebrate the day with food? Baked goods, chocolates, heart shaped pancakes, a special dinner at home? Do tell!

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teg said...

I will be dogsitting! Maybe I should make Bailey, Zoe and Emma some heart-shaped dog treats :)

Be sure to enjoy your date night - you don't have many chances left before Lily arrives!

LA and BD said...

Hi - Just wanted to de-lurk and say I've always wanted to go to Magnolia Grill, too! My husband and I are going to try out Jibarra in downtown Raleigh for V-Day. Can't wait to hear what you thought of MG. ~LA

Jeni said...

Tracey - I expect to see photos of those dog biscuits!

Awesome to "meet" you. Jibarra's Valentine's Day menu looks very creative and tasty! I'm curious to hear how it is. Have you been there before?

Now I wonder if Magnolia has a special menu for the weekend...I guess I'll find out on Friday. WOOHOO!

melissa said...

Understandable why you would let someone else cook for the holiday this year. :)

We don't go out as of last year, which was the first Valentine's Day when I knew how to cook. :D We quickly realized how much nicer it can be to stay home, make lobster and steak for half the price and not deal with crowds and waits.

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