Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dains Place - Ninth Street, Durham

Last night we had a far departure from the healthy, low starch food that I've been trying to make up until we honeymoon. We both were craving a good burger. Normally, we go to The Federal, but I'd heard about Dain's Place on 9th street and had been wanting to see how they compare.

This place is non-smoking which was a nice change. The 8oz. angus burgers were med-well done (we were not asked as to how we would like them cooked). I usually like a medium burger, but this really was juicy and yummy. It didn't have the nice charred crust on it like the federal burger, but was still really good. Not greasy at all and I loved the bun. Nice and soft. There are a million toppings to choose from so if you like a hyperactive burger, this is your place haha.

The service was great and despite having a table of about 6 frat boys next to us, it was relatively quiet. The beers were a little pricey by the bottle (4.75) so stick to the draft pints if you're budget-minded. I'm sure we'll be going back when burger fever strikes again and we're too lazy to pound them out ourselves!

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