Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Soooooooo today I met Melanie for lunch at Souper Salad because it's a good mid-way point for both of us and it's always quick. I noticed outside that there was a sign indicating it was under new management. A trip through the salad/soup bar proved it to be the same as I've always remembered, but there was one unmistakable difference from all of my previous visits there.

Sorry for the low quality camera phone shot

Horace had an accompanying machine that played back up instruments. During our lunch today we were treated to "Putting on the Ritz", "Under the Sea", "Take My Breath Away" and others that for some reason are escaping me. I'm not sure if this is a weekly thing or what, but it was a definite surprise. I offered Mel $50 to get up and sing with him, alas, we were short on time...

I was stunned by this man's humility in being able to play trumpet to a boombox in a stripped-down-strip-mall version of golden corral (don't get me wrong, I heart souper salad for all it's unhealthy salad goodness). We all could take a lesson from him. He looked like he was having a decent time. He's even making a buck or two. I have always considered myself someone who strays from the norm, but I never, not in a million years, would have had the guts to do what Horace here was doing.

He deserved more then the dollar tip I gave him.

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1 comment:

Melanie said...

Horace was a very brave man, and an excellent trumpet player. I'm glad you had cash for tip...b/c he certainly deserved it. I too could not do something so bold.

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