Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy productive weekend

I can't wait for it to rain! Aside from planting /transplanting a bunch of plants on Saturday, we installed 2 rain barrels (and by "we" I mean the hubby). We got them at Stone Brothers and Byrd on Washington Street.

Friday night we went to Pop's for dinner. Always yummy! M had the campunti (which I love) and I had the chicken cooked under a brick. Later, I went with some girlfriends to see Sex and the City. The theater was PACKED. We sat in the 3rd row and after 2 hours and some change, I promised I would be looking down for the rest of the weekend to counter the neck pain.

Sunday I vowed to cook all day and that's pretty much what I did. I made a huge tub of hummus, an enchilada casserole for the hubby to eat while I'm away next week, and finally grilled chicken and RISOTTO!!! Recipes to come in my next couple of posts.

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