Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm back

Sigh. How quickly a week goes by when you're actually savoring every moment. We got back late friday. We spent yesterday taking down some trees (well M did) and doing housework (me). I uploaded a bunch of photos to picasa from the honeymoon and I fully intend on writing a nice long blog about St. Lucia some time this week. I promise.

I finished reading The Kite Runner while on vacation. It was excellent. I was curious about the movie so we picked it up last night. The book was far better. The movie skipped over a lot and left out a lot of things that made the book so emotional. Pick it up when you get a chance. It's a pretty quick read.

Sunday dinner will consist of some sirloin steaks, grilled no doubt and some zucchini and mushrooms and whatever else looks good. I'll photograph and post back tomorrow my results. Until then, here's a photo from the honeymoon. It's Fort Rodney, taken at Pigeon Point National Park near Gros Islet in St. Lucia.

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