Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peony Asian Bistro - Patterson Place, Durham

Last night, after a couple of beers at the pool (not mine, oh how I envy the pool), my friend and I went to Peony Asian Bistro for some sushi. They opened a little over a year ago and I had been once right after they opened. The are located close to Kroger and have buy 1 get 1 free sushi rolls. The fancy rolls are not part of this deal. Basically any regular rolls (cucumber, spicy tuna, spider rolls, etc.) are the ones that are buy 1 get 1 free.

We ordered the crab rangoon appetizer to share. It came out quickly and hot! For $3.25, it's hard to beat. There were 6 little crunchy wanton parcels filled with cream cheese, green onions and imitation crab meat. They were served on a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce with a sweet/sour dipping sauce. For as simple as it was, it was yummy.

I ordered the spicy tuna roll and the philly roll. The philly roll was 8 pieces filled with cream cheese, salmon, tuna and avocado. It was very tasty. The spicy tuna was better. The spicy mayo was perfect for me and the roll had a crunchy tempura inside which complimented the texture of spicy tuna nicely.

The menu is a peculiar mixture of americanized chinese and sushi. The atmosphere and food aren't up to par with that of Shiki, but hey, it's a strip mall restaurant. I'll certainly be eating there again. Was it the best sushi I've had? Not by a long shot, but for a middle of the week meal, it definitely fit the bill. $7.42 after tax to be exact.

Oh and that buy one get one free deal is good on take-out orders as well!

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JMom said...

Spot on review of Peony Bistro. Shiki Sushi is one of our favorites too.

~JMom (also a Durham food blogger :)

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