Monday, June 9, 2008

Yamato Japanese Steakhouse - Northgate Mall, Durham

We went out for dinner Saturday night after a looooong hot day (100 degrees) working in the yard. I wasn't in the mood to cook and M wasn't in the mood to clean up the disasters I leave behind post-cooking. We opted to try Yamato at Northgate Mall since it's very close by.

We both got the Teppanyaki style meals. I got shrimp and he got steak and shrimp. The ginger dressing on the salads lacked inspiration and was more watery and vinegary then I'm used to. Though it wasn't what I expected, it was still edible. Amongst the lettuce and carrots there was a ripe tomato wedge, lovely. The shrimp appetizer was 2 small tiger shrimp. They were good.

The sauteed veggies consisted of zucchini, a little cabbage, some bean sprouts and tons of onion. My serving was almost all onion actually. The fried rice was just that, no veggies, no egg, but there was a ton of it. My shrimp was probably a half pound, if not more, of tastily (is that a word) seasoned little shrimp. I would have normally been all over this, but alas, it was not deveined. Perhaps I'm a little nuts, but when I pay $16 for an entree, I definitely expect there not to be feces on my plate. M's steak was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. The sauces were meh, underwhelming as well. The cream sauce that I normally love was a watery mayo concoction.

I'm sure that we'll never go back. Fortunately, this made Sunday's dinner all the more yummy! More about that later...

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