Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Preservation triangle

We had our friend/realtor over for dinner last night and we had a long discussion about his new project, preservation triangle. It's a really cool concept. I think that the living history section is particulary fascinating. What a fantastic way to document and discover building's histories. I hate to use the wrong terminology but I guess it's a bit like a wiki or open source?

He described it to me as an online version of urban hiker (which he also produced). Ourpreservation.com is actually the mother site and they're doing it for cities all over the globe.

Taken from their website...
"About Our Preservation, Inc
Mission Statement - To structurally and financially support efforts to preserve the heritage and culture of local communities worldwide.
Created in 2007, Our Preservation contributes ten percent of site sponsorship proceeds to local preservation nonprofits. Our Preservation is apolitical and invites everyone to participate in the creation and ownership of their local sites and to share in this open forum about our human experiences. As this is our legacy."

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