Monday, August 25, 2008

411 West - Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

Friday night we had dinner at 411 West. A meal there never disappoints. We shared the crab cake special for the appetizer which had 3 lovely little crab cakes on a bed of baby greens with watermelon gazpacho and citrus oil. It was very tasty.

For my entree I ordered the scallop special. Four pan seared scallops were served around a pile of roasted fingerling potatoes, covered with apple-fennel slaw and topped with a tarragon yogurt drizzle. The apple slaw was the star of this dish for me, though everything complimented each other. The acidity of the vinegar in the slaw was perfectly balanced by the natural sugars in the apple. The thinly sliced red onion was softened and played nicely with the crisp julienned apples. I am not a huge fennel fan and I didn't even notice it in the slaw so it was perfect to me. The slaw was perfectly balanced by the buttery earthiness of the fingerling potatoes and the lightly seasoned scallops were brought to another level with the creamy tarragon yogurt.

For dessert we shared the Guinness chocolate and it was awesome. It had homemade chocolate chip ice cream and homemade sugared peanuts. It sounds overly sweet, but it actually was yet again, a perfect balance of flavors.

They were noticeably busy with the return of students, but our service was good and all of our food came out of the kitchen promptly and served warm. I was perfectly pleased!

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teg said...

One of my favorite places, too! Sounds yummy...

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