Monday, August 11, 2008

Cook Out - Roxboro Road, Durham

On Sundays I normally prepare a feast. I like to spend several hours cooking dinner and prepping for meals during the week. Yesterday was an exception. I only had me to feed and I was craving a burger. I finally tried out Cook Out on Roxboro road. They have a mix and match combo deal where you can select one of 7 or 8 different sandwiches, 2 sides and a drink for $3.99. You can even upgrade that drink to one of their famous shakes for .99 (which was what I did).

I ordered the 1/4 lb burger combo with hush puppies and fries. The burger was juicy, not greasy, had tons of fresh iceberg lettuce, ripe tomato, sour pickles, ketchup and mustard. The bun was soft and tasted fresh. They let you order it however you want and that's my preferred combo.The hushpuppies (I think I got about 8 2 inch long puppies) had the sweet cornmeal flavor I love in a hushpuppy. I think mine were either a little over done or sat under a heat lamp a little long though cause they were a little hard and dry.

The fries were big, moist inside, crispy outside and perfectly salted. They were great. And the chocolate shake was the best fast food shake I've ever had. For $5.25 after tax, dinner at Cook Out could not be beat.

Note: there is no indoor or outdoor dining at this location, it's drive through only :)

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Vanessa Greenway said...

Hubby's favorite burguer place. We always order the cheddar style burguer AWESOME!! Peanut butter fudge and strawberry milkshake as well. xo V.

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