Friday, August 1, 2008

Chubby's Tacos - Ninth street, Durham

Last night after my hair cut, I decided to walk down to Dain's Place for a burger. Along the way, I stopped in front of Chubby's Tacos to check out their menu. I had read about them over at Carpe Durham some time back and my curiousity was piqued. I opted for a shrimp burrito to go. They have a large assortment of salsas and I filled my two containers with the guacatillo (guacamole-based) and the salsa asada. Both salsas were very tasty, but I preferred the salsa asada. The guacatillo had more tomatillo flavor then I care for. Just a personal preference.

The burrito itself was large. Not large, as in Cosmic Cantina large, but still big. It was about 8 inches long and about 3.5 inches in diameter. It was stuffed with shrimp (no tails and de-veined YAY!), rice, smashed pintos, and a little bit of iceberg lettuce. The shrimp is also cooked to order and not pulled from some steam table where it's turned to rubber. The burrito normally has cheese but I requested it without. The shrimp were cooked perfectly, mildly seasoned and plentiful. The rice and beans were nice for texture, but didn't really stand out in any way. The lettuce was the one thing I disliked.
Ever get a burger or something from McDonalds and the lettuce is slightly yellow and you know it's going to have that yucky overwhelming flavor that tastes nothing like lettuce, but you eat it anyway cause it's the healthiest thing in the sandwich? Well this was that lettuce. It damn near ruined the burrito for me. I ended up completely dissecting the thing to get the lettuce out. The rest of it was good, but I will note that the last 2 inches of the burrito were nothing but flour tortilla.

I'll give Chubby's another try, perhaps the tacos next time, but for ninth street, I think I still prefer Cosmic Cantina for the massive burritos.

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