Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sushi Love - Erwin Terrace, Durham

Last night two of my gal pals and I tried out Sushi Love. I was thrilled to finally have decent sushi in central Durham. I am a big fan of Shiki Sushi in southwest Durham and have missed it terribly since moving this spring. Sushi Love, according to Carpe Durham, is owned by the same people that run Shiki and the menu is similar. They don't have quite as many specialty rolls, and the ones they have are a good deal different and cost more. Specialty rolls at Shiki start out around $7. The cheapest at Sushi Love was $9.

All the rolls are buy one get one free and this applies to the entire table so its best to all order similarly priced rolls. I ordered the lobster roll which had tempura cooked lobster, avocado and cucumber. My other roll was the crunchy roll which was filled with crunchy tempura batter, spicy mayo and topped with crab and shrimp. Both rolls were very tasty, but I was less pleased with the lobster roll. It was 5 thin slices, of which the end two slices didn't even have lobster. The crunchy roll was much more substantial and I think I actually preferred the flavor of that one as well.

There seems to be quite a variance in the size of the rolls. My one gal pal ordered the Poseidon and it was twice the size of any other single rolls. It was more expensive too so perhaps that's why? My other gal pal ordered the blue devil roll which had cooked steak on top. Everyone seemed to love their rolls and I know I'll definitely be going back, probably this weekend if I can haha.

We followed this up with my first trip to Locopops. I tried the chocolate brownie pop and it was fantastic. It was more like a brownie on a stick then a traditional popsicle. It was packed with flavor, creamy and delicious.

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