Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baking question - Please help!

I'm making a carrot cake tonight for my hubby's 30th birthday. It has coconut, pineapple and fresh carrots. It will be iced with cream cheese icing (made with cream cheese, butter, etc.) So should I refrigerate it for the 24 hours before we eat it or leave it out (covered on a cake platter)?

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teg said...

My personal preference would be to have it refrigerated, but if you're asking about health issues I'm not sure. However, it might hold together better if it is refrigerated. Sounds yummy! Tell Mark I said Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

The Cream Cheese Icing would be the reason to refridgerate it for health reason. The rest of the ingredients are fine. but the cake does hold together better when cold.

Stacey Snacks said...

It's no big deal to leave the cake on the counter with a cover on it.

It's not summer and the temperature in your home isn't hot enough to spoil the cake.

My personal preference is I like the cream cheese icing to be COLD!
That is the reason I refrigerate my carrot cake!
Just take it out a half hour before you serve it.
It's a personal preference, not a health issue in October!
Happy bday to your hubby!

Jeni said...

Thanks everyone! I was a little worried about the refrigeration drying the cake out, but I guess if it's only for 24 hours it should be ok? I definitely prefer cream cheese icing cold too! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I'll pass them along :)

MegRNC said...

if it's iced, especially with the cc frosting, it won't dry out in the frig

Heather said...

You could always leave it unassembled, and just wrap the cake in wax paper and plastic wrap, and leave the frosting in the fridge. i generally do this, then just take the frosting out about 20 minutes before i want it to soften slightly, and frost away!

Jeni said...

Thanks ladies! I ended up icing it and topping it with chopped nuts. Before I put the candles in, I lowered the lid to see how much room I had and wow the cake is TALL! I'm glad I waited to put the candles in! It's sitting in the fridge and I can't wait to eat it!!!

Vanessa Greenway said...

Sounds delicious! But I never made it with cheese cake on the top. I usually make the carrot cake (only carrots) and I make a kinda of "creamy" chocolate icing. There is a recipe for it on the blog - "Brigadeiro". xo Vanessa

Melanie Busbee said...

I hope everything went well last night!!!!!!!

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