Monday, October 6, 2008

No more baby stuff

I've decided in the interest of the general public that reads this blog for it's food, photography and utter silliness to remove my pregnancy and baby stuff. I'm still blogging about it, just on an invite-only blog. If you'd like to be included, I'll be happy to add you, just blast an email to ifoundhappy[at] and make sure you ID yourself if it's not obvious by your email address :)

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Heather said...

oh, i want to be included! i love reading about the baby stuff :) heather dot rascona at gmail dot com. also that pumpkin bread looks amazing! honey and gignger sounds like it would be so good together!

teg said...

You're reminding me of my friend in Western NC whose baby blog became the "lack of gas" blog recently. Handle as you wish my love, but just know that everyone (or most everyone) who reads your blog for recipes is at least in part reading your blog because they relate to and like you...and therefore would love to share with you what makes you this case the little avocado. xoxo

Vanessa Greenway said...

Hi Jeni, please include me in your list. I think it's just so cute that you post about your sweet little baby and I enjoy reading about it. I have lots of baby books I would like to give to you if you're interested, ok? hugs, Vanessa

Jeni said...

I've added you gals and just as a side note, the majority of my blog traffic is pretty much people that are recipe searching through google, not my repeat visitors.

I love my regular blog readers. You guys are the best and it's why I want to include you on the baby blog if you like!

Stacey Snacks said...

I enjoy the mix up of food and baby posts.
It's your blog, and you have to write about what you want to write about!
I enjoy reading about it all!

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