Friday, October 3, 2008

Papa Mojo's Roadhouse - Hwy. 55, Durham

Yesterday I met an old co-worker (old as in I worked with her years ago) for lunch at Papa Mojo's Roadhouse. For those of you in the park, this is in Greenwood Commons over near where Park Diner used to be. Oh how I miss Park Diner :( When I go out for lunch, I tend to like to go places where I can't easily prepare the meal I'm about to eat at home. I often will choose sushi or japanese, but usually not a deli or a sandwich shop (unless options are limited or I'm in a hurry).

Papa Mojo's serves Cajun food. It was very busy and slightly noisy from the lunch crowd when we visited at noon, but the service was on spot and we didn't have to wait long for our food. The decor is definitely casual (no tablecloths, some booth seating) and delightfully eclectic. The menu is expansive (and all Cajun) compared to many in the park and I love that they use a lot of local farms and fisheries.

They started us off with a basket of jalapeno corn bread. It was the perfect amount of heat, moist and the tops were glazed with honey. I devoured two chunks in a matter of seconds.

We both ordered 1/2 po-boys. I ordered the shrimp and she ordered the barbequed yardbird (chicken) po-boy. Mine consisted of a lightly crispy hoagie roll, 6 large spicy grilled shrimp, lettuce, tomato and a cajun tartar sauce. It was phenomenol and messy and I loved every bit of it. The po-boys come with your choice of side (again, many to choose from) and I chose the garlic butter green beans. These were also wonderfully seasoned, tender and firm, and plentiful.

My meal needed nothing else to be perfect and the service was the perfect combination of attentive and laid back. My friend loved her yardbird po-boy and potato salad as well. I can't wait to go back!

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teg said...

I have enjoyed the food the two times I've been there, but the last time I went (with Mary, Kimberly and Kathy) our service was terrible. We never got drink refills, and we waited forever for our food and our check! Kathy (the ever-generous one) even paid for all of us just to speed up getting out of there! Kimberly also did not like that none of our dishes were cleared - they were still on the table when we left.
I'm sure I'll go back, but I don't think Kimberly will be joining me!

Melanie Busbee said...

Makes me miss the days we did lunch together!

Triplet Mama said...

Guy on the food network was eating a shrimp po-boy yesterday, made me SOOOO hungry. I wonder how many points one is...

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