Friday, October 3, 2008

One's trash is another's treasure

This morning I left 30 minutes prior to my usual departure. As I stood on my front porch, bidding my hubby farewell for the day, I noticed two women rummaging through my recycling bin on the street curb. I watched for a moment. I was sure they saw us, but they said nothing and went on about it. I finally walked down my steps and walkway and asked, "Um hi, is there a reason you're going through my garbage?"

They were very much at ease and lady number one responded, "You always have blue bottles. Usually two bottles a week." She was right, I like to drink something other then flat boring water on occasion and I've taken to treating myself to some bubbly stuff I pick up at Trader Joe's. It's just mineral water, plain or flavored with lemon or lime, but it feels like a little treat and it's actually quite cheap when compared to, Perrier or Pelligrino.

Turns out lady number one collects blue glass and comes by my recycling bin every Friday morning to add to her collection, which will one day become her "glass wall". When I was in my early 20s, I also collected blue glass, so I understood her position. She went on to tell me about another neighbor who must have been quite a drinker that drank Skye Vodka and how she loved those bottles, but he must have gotten on the wagon because he doesn't have them anymore. Odd to think what people would derive from digging through another's recycling bin.

Though I did feel a little exposed by strangers knowing what my household consumed, it was nice to meet some more neighbors. I think I'll even put my bottles in a separate bag for her from now on.

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1 comment:

teg said...

You are so sweet! I, however, do not enjoy my "crazy neighbor" (mentioned again in today's post) organizing the recycling in our cul-de-sac because he always puts EVERYONE'S alcohol bottles in my bin. The recycling guys must think that either 12 people live at my house or that I have a liver made of metal.
I think I need to get to Trader Joe's more often! You've mentioned quite a few things there that I want to try.

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