Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Berger cookies, I'm in HEAVEN

Two weeks ago, Heather had a giveaway on her blog for a box of Berger Cookies. I never win anything, but apparently the planets were aligned and took pity on me and my little chocolate-crazed baby. Last week she announced the winners and behold, I won a box.

We are unpacking this morning and getting settled in to our new workplace and my box of Berger Cookies arrives. I quickly opened one of the two containers and dispersed them to anyone who would take one. I took the last and was quickly on a sugar high. Think fudge meets soft cookie meets ultimate chocolate satisfaction. Thank you so much Heather and thank you Bergers for making a perfect cookie. I was shocked to turn over the package and discover that one of those decadent babies is only 140 calories! It's a perfect treat!

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Melanie Busbee said...

Those look delicious. I vant some! Hope you have a lovely day moving into your new work abode. I take it no one plans on getting much work done today, eh?

Heather said...

ohh yay :) i'm glad you liked them!!! and i hope the baby liked them, too :D

teg said...

That cookie was absolutely divine...and really not that bad for me. Thank you!!!!

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