Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turnips, where do I start?

This spring I purchased and cooked baby turnips (along with their greens) for the first time (and second, and third). I had never had turnips before and really enjoyed working with a new vegetable. This weekend at the grocery store, I was moved to purchase 5 large adult turnip bulbs. I'm a little intimidated by them, but am dying to cook them up. I was thinking about a gratin or something. Do you have a preferred way you cook turnips? Want to share?

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Heather said...

i don't like turnips, personally, but my friend just parboils and blanches them, and then throws a little s&p on them and puts them on top of salads, meats, pretty much anything

MamaMin said...

Did you see the post on Pioneer Woman about a turnip gratin the other day? (Leave it to PW to take a healthy ingredient & turn into something not terribly healthy, but it sure did look good!)

Triplet Mama said...

Oh I love turnips, parsnips and most of the other root veggies. Every fall my mom always mashed a rustic combination of all of them like mash potatoes but I prefer them in my beef stews or with my roasts. Just chop them up and add to your carrots :)

Jeni said...

I actually did see her turnip gratin the other day and it's what motivated me to buy them. Once I looked again at the recipe though, I was further motivated to try something will less butter, cream and cheese. Honestly I'd rather have a bowl of ice cream.

I may try to make a healthy version of it, but the mashed root veggies sound good. I had those at Thanksgiving one year and they were yummy!

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