Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Office space

I currently work in my own little 10x10 office but in a few weeks I will be moving into a new building. The office spaces for non-management folks will be divided into "suites". This translates to 6 cubicles each in a large room. I've taken a tour and the space is nice. Upon first hearing about our new setup, I couldn't help but think back to the days of being in cube in a large bullpen of maybe 30 people.

There's a general hum. You can hear people's music, receiving and sending of emails, alerts, etc. All those things that are now missing from my silent office life. I remember getting used to them, learning to shut them out and get in my own zone. But then there are the little things your closely working co-workers know what I'm talking about. The repetitive stuff that maddens you.

For me it was the perpetual throat clearing or coughing of nearby neighbors. Often they were sick, so I know it couldn't be helped but honestly, sometimes I just wanted to shout, "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME WATER??????"

So what will it be in the new setup? Bad breath, B.O., sniffling, gas, talking on the phone constantly? What are your work pet peeves? Help prepare me for what I might be in for...

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TinyRockerGrrl said...

Ugg, yeah I'm not looking forward to sharing with 5 other people (although you're one of them!)..but luckily I like everyone we're sharing a room with.

BUT..the coughing, talking on the phone and trying to be quiet yourself is going to stink like woah I think. I remember when I shared an office with Dan and Mary..I would eat a bag of chips at lunch and feel so guilty because it was soooo quiet in there and here I am crinkling and munching to what seemed to me to be at an insanely loud volume.

Sigh..but we must get through it. Somehow. Someway. But without a bag of chips ;)

TinyRockerGrrl said...

And ANOTHER thing..I hate talking on the phone in front of people. I've always been like that. Its very silly but I just don't like other people hearing my conversations, personal or not.

Guess I'll have to get over that one too.

Melanie Busbee said...

Oh I agree. I hate when people hear me talking on the phone with clients or people I'm interviewing. I wish I had a private office for that. But the thing I hate most is the smell of those with whom I'm cohabitating. One coworker, not to be named smells of a coffee-soaked ashtray.

teg said...

I previously worked in much closer quarters, and I survived okay, but I must say that being surrounded by sales people wasn't the most fun. I learned to tune out (even with my ADD) their sales pitches, etc, but most of the time I utilized head phones. I think it's going to be interesting, this transition. I do think it sucks that you can't move into our "suite". Why should it matter if the "web team" is in the same suite when they aren't now?!?!?! Whatever. We'll have to keep in touch constantly by ichat!!!! P.S. I need to catch up with you about baby stuff. I was dying to buy you something about a week ago, but didn't for fear that you couldn't return it. Dying to buy little things for Lily!!!

KATHY said...

Yeah - well try being corraled into a room with just one other person - sweet as she is - down the hallway away from the rest of our group. While it has it advantages of being a hike away from the boss, I'll miss hearing Tracey and Jen in the next room. As annoying as we may be to others, we yell "across-suite" now and it's nice to know they are there. I'm not looking forward to it.

BTW - " your little dog too." She's what I'm not looking forward to. She'll hide out behind our door for sure. HELP ME - I'm melting.....oh no....flying monkeys. I should have watched that last night. I'm going to get Lily a copy of it. Bailee loved it. Monkeys used to scare me though.

Jeni said...

Awww. I tried to get moved into the office with Tracey and Jen, but it didn't work out.

Oh and I actually watched part of the Wizard of Oz when it was on the other night! I never get sick of it!

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