Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey how'd that happen?

I logged into foodbuzz this morning to post my recipes and photos from recent days. Lo and behold, my mug is on the home page. Check it out! Kinda neat ;)

Edit: I submitted the photo quite some time ago when I received the free spatula and apron. I was just a little surprised to see it up there today!

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Stephen said...

Obviously, creepy stalkers are taking photos of you as you contemplate spatulas and aprons. Check your home security. Immediately.

Elra said...

I don't understand it. Is that mean someone steal your photo? I never check put food buzz, I just saw the logo almost everywhere on the blogs that I visit. Don't you have to be a member?
Hope you can find out more.

Jeni said...

Oh Stephen you're always good for a laugh. I love it :)

melissa said...

I remember that picture. That's awesome Jeni!

Heather said...

congrats to you and your mug ;)

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