Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow day!

I was told this morning I'm not permitted to leave the house with the snowy conditions outdoors, because I'm "carrying precious cargo". I have to say I agree the saved vacation day wouldn't have been worth the risk. Guess what I'm going to do with a day cooped up by myself?

I started this morning with what I'll call a chicken enchilada soup. And after I blog last night's soup, I'll head off to bake some snickerdoodles. Photos and recipes to come!

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Heather said...

i'm sort of insanely jealous of your snow!! i've been begging and pleading with the weather to get some lately.

your photo is just gorgeous. and i'm impressed with your ambitious day! i hope you and your precious cargo have fun baking :D

Melanie Busbee said...

So who didn't permit you to leave the house, work or Mark? Either way, have a great day off. I'll confess that driving to work was no picnic. Wrecks and skid marks everywhere. I drove 10 mph!

Elra said...

Good idea Jeni! can't wait for the photos.

Triplet Mama said...

What a beautiful picture! And I'm so happy you're home and not on the roads, from what I know about you you're a speed demon ;)

Chicken enchilada soup - I love enchiladas, I never thought of it like a soup, you need to tell me how!

Jeni said...

Heather - My ambition is put to shame by your Christmas cooking and baking. Oh and I'm sending this snow your way!

Melanie - Well at first it was Mark, but then work ended up closing anyways so my vacation day was spared after all WOOHOO!

Elra - Thanks. Check back tomorrow for them.

Triplet Mama - Thank you. I do tend to like my gas pedal on the highways, I cannot lie, but I've definitely slowed down in my old age haha. I got the idea for the soup from a tortilla soup recipe I read last week. I'll post about it when I blog the soup!

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