Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No food post today

Let me tell you why. Yesterday, as I walked into my work breakroom with my leftover new year's feast to reheat, I loosened the lid on my container. I approached the microwave and for some reason my fingers gave out (stupid pregnant fingers). My lunch slipped out of my hand and hit the floor. Collards were strewn everywhere. It looked like my lunch had thrown up all over the floor. It was touching how many of my new coworkers (I'm working in a new building with new people) rushed to help and offer parts of their own lunch.

Fortunate for me, I keep a stash of food at work. Regardless, it was a loud message to me to stay away from sharp objects and hot appliances for the day. I ate a 6 inch sub from subway for dinner instead. Oh and a bowl of cereal hahaha.

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Elra said...

Ouch, hope you are all right! Stay safe, dear.

Heather said...

well i'm glad you're safe :)

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