Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend eats and cooking for the future

I'm feeling a lot less like cooking these days, despite all my cooking last week. By the end of the day, I just want to get off my feet. So we ate out a good amount this weekend. For date night on Friday, we ate dinner at Pop's. I ordered the housemade gnocchi. This was a slightly crispy on the outside, delightfully light potato inside gnocchi served with venison meatballs, spinach, mushrooms, pomodoro and romano cheese. This was a great dish. I wasn't completely into the sauce, but I think my palate has been a little off lately due to pregnancy so you should definitely judge it for yourself.

My hubby ordered the angel hair with smoked chicken, pickled banana peppers and a bacon cream sauce. This dish was creative and very tasty. If you like pickled banana peppers, I urge you to try it. They shone in this dish. Speaking of banana peppers, have you ever tried the deep fried ones at Bull McCabes? Or the Wooden Nickel in Hillsborough? Soooooo good. I'm off topic here, sorry.

Saturday night we ate at Shiki Sushi. As always the sushi was fantastic, the service was okay and the place was loud as hell. I don't know why they blast the music in there so loudly. All it does is force everyone to shout over it. I ordered the bagel roll and the shrimp tempura roll. The bagel roll is such a treat. It's salmon, cream cheese and avocado, battered and deep fried and garnished with eel sauce. Battered and deep friend sushi, it just doesn't get more delicious then this...

We also ate again at the Silver Spoon on Saturday morning. Having gotten enormous dishes the first time, we both ordered what we felt would be smaller portions and still were unable to consume it all. I had the egg croissant sandwich with home fries. Hubby had an omelet with homefries. We both loved our dishes. The only thing I felt could be improved upon are the homefries. I like mine a little crispy and these are monster potato slices, amply seasoned, but I think they're most likely baked and not crispy. Still the service was phenomenal, the portions huge and the food was served hot and exactly as I ordered it.

I did manage to prepare a good Italian Sunday dinner. I made egg parpadelle tossed with spinach, mushrooms, shallots, chicken and pesto. I served it with a big side salad. I was just too tired to photograph and write down the process, so I can't really share much beyond the description. I am going to work on making a lot of casseroles and food that freezes and reheats well over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned! I plan on stocking up the freezer prior to baby arrival :) Any suggestions for dishes are welcome!

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Elra said...

baby? did I miss something? Oh congratulation dear, I am so excited for you. When is it due?
Gosh, I wish I can suggest you any food that can freeze well. You see, I don't really do that (unless if its pastry, cakes type of stuff), so can't give you any advice. I'll try to ask around.

Jeni said...

Thank you. She's due mid-March. I figure casseroles and soups are good for freezing and reheating. I have some of my old standbys I'll be making, but always enjoy new suggestions.

MegRNC said...

That's the same dish I had at Pop's in Dec (the one Mark had). oh. my. yum.

Heather said...

i can imagine that being super preggo would make you want to be off your feet ;) glad you were able to eat well anyway!

Triplet Mama said...

Deep fried banana pepper rings! OMG! That sounds so good! Is there a dipping sauce with them or how do you eat them?

I am absolutely useless when it comes to freezing foods, but I have a feeling that using good quality containers/freezer bags is key. The few times I've frozen something they have freezer burns when I try to re-heat it. Yuck! I did however receive a frozen pan of chicken enchiladas from a friend once and they cooked up so amazing in the oven, so you might want to try that!

Jeni said...

The banana pepper rings are served with a ranch dipping sauce/dressing. It's a perfect combination of sour, salty, crunchy and creamy!!

Funny enough, enchilada-style burritos are on my list of things to make and freeze!! They reheat great :)

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