Monday, September 15, 2008

Bull McCabe's - Main Street, Downtown Durham

Saturday night, for one of my oldest friends 30th birthday, we celebrated at Bull McCabe's Irish Pub for a few hours. We got there around 7 pm and had no problem finding room and tables to push together to accomodate our party of 7. We ordered the green onion hushpuppies and the deep fried banana pepper rings as appetizers as the pints started flowing.

The hushpuppy order was large for the price ($5.95), about 6-8 golfball sized hushpuppies, packed with chopped green onions and served with a side of some reddish colored aoili. They were great as the waiter suggested, drizzled with some malt vinegar and dunked the aoili.

The pickled banana pepper rings were dredged in what I think was a cornmeal batter and deep fried. They were served with a side of creamy, milky ranch dressing. It was really hard for me to share these with the other end of the table. Despite both appetizers having been deep fried, they were not oily at all and sat well in the tummy.

For my entree, I ordered the Irish burger with avocado. This was a half pound sirloin burger served on a big ciabatta roll (all bread comes from either Pop's or Ninth Street bakery) that was the perfect combination of soft, but crispy on the outside. It came with fresh green leaf lettuce, ripe tomato, a gigantic pickle spear and my choice of side. I opted for the understated fries. The garlicky fries were perfection. They give the Federal's fries serious competition. I ordered my burger well done, much to my own chagrin. I recently learned from my OB, that I am not to have anything cooked under medium-well. The burger was still wonderfully moist and juicy, despite being lean sirloin and cooked past medium. I did get to sample some of the potato salad, which I also really liked. It's a unique pickly flavor in lieu of that traditional, sweet as sugar potato salad.

Everyone ordered a variety from the menu, shepards pie, BLT, veggie burger and reuben. Everything looked really really good and all was eaten. The waiter even made me his special cocktail for pregnant ladies! There were lots of beers on tap and bottled. The service was friendly and we enjoyed sitting at the table in the back room, at the nice big wooden bar and at the tables outside. There's plenty of seating. The only thing I think I would have enjoyed more about the place was if they played a little more Irish music. We heard a good amount of reggae ;)

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