Friday, September 19, 2008

Taking candy from strangers

We're taught at an early age never to accept candy from strangers. Halloween excluded, I think I've adhered to that.

I have a dilemma folks.

Monday morning when I came into work, there was a large chocolate bar on my keyboard. Throughout the week, I've asked my various coworkers (the ones I know and talk to daily) as to whether or not they had donated this large bar of chocolate to me. Nobody knows where it came from.

I have a large stash of healthy snacks, emergency lunch items, etc. at my desk. This includes a chocolate bar (that I eat one sqaure at a time) and a box of chocolate teddy grahams. I finished off my chocolate bar yesterday. I finished off my teddy grahams today.

So I have this phantom emergency chocolate bar sitting on my desk, which most definitely came from a stranger. When the chocolate craving kicks in, do I:

A. Eat it
B. Eat it
C. Not eat it?

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Anonymous said...

I'd go with 'B', eat it. I would assume it had to come from someone in the office and I highly doubt someone just happened into your office and randomly left you a poisoned chocolate bar, but then again I could be wrong. Eh... take a chance. lol

Jeni said...

I find your methodology very persuasive!

Ginny said...

As long as it was still wrapped up nicely, I say eat it.

Jeni said...

The chocolate donator has come forward. He overheard another coworker and I discussing the mysterious candy. He was out shopping with his wife who saw this cute candy bar and encouraged him to get it for someone. To my luck, he thought of me and my chocolate craving, pregnant self!

girlnblack77 said...

I am so greatly relieved! I didn't want to be pessimistic and discourage you from enjoying it. Of course, I tend not to get along with at least one person wherever I work, which causes me to be paranoid of random 'gifts'. lol!

Stacey Snacks said...

I hope you ate it! I would never say no to a chocolate bar!


teg said...

That Mike is such a nice guy! Thanks for sharing with me, too!

Jeni said...

I definitely had a square and I enjoyed the fact that it had ZERO calories because I also shared a square (see Food Bible Rule #20).

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