Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oddball search terms

This weekend I was asked how people found my blog or where my readers come from. Every once in awhile I look at my blog’s traffic keyword search terms. They always provide a laugh. Where 90% of the traffic is from food specific, restaurants, recipe or cooking method searches, I always get quite a few puzzling ones. I thought I’d share some of the recent oddballs for your enjoyment. My responses are in parenthesis.

what do you eat for lunch ( I got several variations of this one: She, me, I)
frittata keeps for (until it gets that slimy milky stuff on it)
laker girl turbo jam (glad I’m not the only one annoyed by her)
marmalade gumdrops find the light (I just have no response to this one except to say maybe they were SAVED?)
why the birds sing (Aw I can’t wait to go skydiving again)
flutterby italian jewelry (must be a store name)
hair peases (I have to assume this is a misspelling, but they must have though WTF when my site popped up haha)
happy burned toast (burned toast is never happy)
hanna on the hours (hmmm)
illiterate style writing (I’ll try not to take this personally)
marmalade gumdrops durham (seriously, what is up with all the marmalade gumdrop searches?)
peanut butter happy (now we’re talking)
plant with a happy name (A GLADiola?)
tabbouleh gone bad in fridge (when it’s growing hair)
totino's pizza rolls + preheat (these things are as easy as it comes, I can’t fathom searching any info out on them)
trick out my camry (Why would you do that, just WHY??????)
what do indians typically have for lunch (I honestly don’t know, but there’s a person in my office that eats curry at least twice a week and it stinks up the entire floor)

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1 comment:

teg said...

Can you say RANDOM?! Yes, some of them make sense, but I concur..where is the marmalade gumdrops reference coming from?! I'm tempted to go back and re-read every post to figure it out...

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