Monday, September 8, 2008

Mez II - Page Road, Durham

Friday night we visited Mez again with a couple of friends. Despite the rain, Mez was bustling at 7pm. There was mexican music playing softly in the background and the lighting was nice and dim, but not too dim. We sat near an indoor water feature which was also a nice addition to the ambiance. I was thrilled to learn from our informative waitress that all the cheese at Mez is pasteurized WOO HOO!!!

The four of us shared chips and guacamole (actually I ate most of the chips and guacamole) and the queso flameado. This appetizer is described as: Melted Chihuahua cheese, goat cheese, roasted poblano peppers, tomatillo salsa and a side of warm flour tortilla. After making numerous jokes regarding chihuahuas and their unlikelihood of producing cheese, I decided that, (a) I do not like tomatillos but (b) if you throw enough cheese at anything and it's absolutely edible!

For my entree, I ordered the spinach enchiladas. There were 3 corn tortillas stuffed full of creamed spinach, cheese and onions. They were topped with a poblano cream sauce and served with a side of really tasty black beans and a less traditional mexican rice. I was thrilled with my entree. I traded an enchilada with my husband, who had ordered the special smoked pork enchiladas. While his was good, filled with moist smoky pork, it was too smoky for my liking.

It seems like they've worked out some kinks since we first went and improved upon the menu as well. I have to admit that paying for chips and salsa still irks me (not that we paid this time, thanks Mel and Jed), but the food is adventurous and the vibe is nice.

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