Monday, September 29, 2008

Durham Performing Arts Center Grand Opening announced...

Monday, December 8, the city of Durham is hosting the grand opening of the Durham Performing Arts Center. From the city's website, "All Durham residents and the news media are invited to enjoy live entertainment, food, and a tour of the new center."

I'm personally looking forward to more stuff going on downtown. I'm really curious about what it's like inside too!

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Melanie Busbee said...

I am very excited for the first show too! It will be thrilling to have a large venue downtown.
But if I have to see the inside of that building one more time before it's finished I'll shoot myself in the head. They finally have all of the seats put in, which are crimson and quite dramatic. The seats are towering and more stacked than other theaters, which will hopefully eliminate the problem of big heads. Right now there are still ladders and drop cords and boxes and sawdust everywhere. You have to wear protective helmets and goggles, and reflective vests to walk in the place.
I keep having to photograph the unfinished venue for work. I keep telling those who hand me the assignment that sawdust and construction workers are impossible to photoshop out of a photo, but they won't listen.
A photo taken now will in no way do justice for what the final facility will look like. It is going to be fantastic!

Jeni said...

Well it's still nice you have gotten to go and preview. It will be neat for you to see the final product since you've seen various stages of the progress!

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