Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sushi Love II - Erwin Terrace, Durham

Last night I returned to Sushi Love for the third time with a very old friend. Due to her later work schedule, we dined much later then I am used to eating out. I arrived around 8pm and Sushi Love was packed with people. All the tables were filled and it was pretty noisy. I will say that there were no noticibly loud and out-of-control children this time. Perhaps that was due to the later hour? My friend had already grabbed us a table and some spring rolls. Sushi Love is a mixture of chinese, thai and japanese, best described maybe as Asian fusion.

We both ordered sushi for our dinners. I ordered 2 of the crunchy roll (since all the rolls are buy one get one free). The crunchy roll has a tempura batter and spicy mayo inside and is topped with cooked shrimp and imitation crabmeat. I order it with sesame seeds instead of roe and I am always pleased. Last night the rolls were a little light on the spicy mayo (non-existant in one roll) but that wasn't an issue because the waiter brought a side of it at my request. She ordered the Crazy Roll and another roll that was a combo of jalapeno, cream cheese and tempura. She seemed pleased with her rolls. The service was good, the atmosphere was a little loud, but had died down to a nice lull maybe an hour or so later as the crowd thinned out.

Because I've been to Shiki Sushi a ton of times, I do miss the longer list of specialty rolls. I think part of this may be due to my limited options right now though (only being able to eat cooked sushi). However I love having Sushi Love in my neck of the woods!

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