Monday, July 7, 2008

Alivias Durham Bistro - Main Street, Durham

Thanks to a blog post on Durham Bull Pen, I've been wanting to check out Alivia's on Main Street. This Sunday I went to Alivia's Durham Bistro for brunch with two of my friends. We arrived around 11:00 and had no problem at all getting a table. Even though they had all the windows open, we sat inside because it was less muggy. It was nice and open inside, but not noisy at all.

I ordered poached eggs on steak hash, with english muffin and hollandaise sauce. It was perfectly cooked. The pieces of steak were plentiful, large, tender and well seasoned. The potatoes in the hash bordered on being too salty, but were toned down wonderfully by the runny yolk in the poached egg!One friend got the breakfast burrito which also looked very tasty and came with hash browns. My other friend got the eggs benedict, which came with fresh fruit and grits.The food came promptly, hot and served all at once. The server was great as well. It was nice to eat a reasonably priced brunch in a non-crowded place at prime time on Sunday. I definitely recommend trying Alivia's out!

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Vanessa Greenway said...

Cool! Always wanted to try it! Hope you had fun! Vanessa

Melanie Busbee said...

These photos make it look even tastier than it was!!! Lovely.

Jeni said...

V - Yes it was another lovely girl's meal!

Mel - I love how the hollandaise looks like melted velveeta haha!

Joy the Baker said...

What a gorgeous set of breakfasts! Perfect!

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