Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leo's on Main

Last night I attended a function at a historic home on Gregson street, thrown by our realtor. My best gal pal and I sipped wine and snacked on goodies in the Brodie Duke guest house. The house itself is a marvel. Built in the 1800s and has been beautifully restored. It's been broken into 4 units and the one we were in was "The Griswold". It overlooks the School of the Arts and is just 3 blocks from Brightleaf. I brought my camera along, hoping to get some nice shots of the old buildings along the way, but it was raining again so no such luck!

We had the pleasure of meeting Leo and Gary, 2 of the 3 investors that will be opening an all men's hair salon at five points later this year. They've just started renovations and it sounds like it will be a really nice place. They'll offer cuts, shaves and manicures to start. Leo himself will be the barber at Leo's on Main. Sounds mighty convenient for you downtown workers wanting to get your hair cut on a lunch break!
Leo of Leo's on Main

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1 comment:

Vanessa Greenway said...

That's really nice to know! I'm looking for a place to get my nails done and a nice hair cut. xo V.

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