Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Photo of the day - Water restrictions?

For those not living in North Carolina and unaware, we had a very long drought last year. Lots of restrictions were put on water usage statewide and though the drought seems to be over, Durham County has not lifted restrictions. We're not out of the clear and I think that they see water as a precious resource (which it is) that continues to be a concern at the rate of growth we're having.

To sum up our current water restrictions, we can water plants by hand only, on Wednesday and Saturday from 5:30am-8:30am and 5:30pm-8:30pm. No washing houses, cars, driveways or anything else unless over 50% of the water is shown to be recycled. This leads me to my 2 part photo of the day. Photo number one is of my car that hasn't been washed in about 14 months.
Really not too dirty considering how long. And I certainly don't mind not doing it either! Photo number two is of the grass outside my work. When I drove up at 8:30 this morning the sprinklers were running full blast (not allowed). What a damn waste. This grass is ornamental.

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Melanie Busbee said...

You should read on the Herald Sun's Web site about the new water bills we will soon be experiencing. They are moving to a tiered system. Everyone will be paying more money. Jed was on his pole about it this morning. hehe

TEAM Oxygenics® said...

Yes, the water shortage is very scary. I'm afraid we will see more restrictions and all over the U.S. What about the idea going around in regards to charging for water at your local resturaunt or fast food place. I'm out in CA and just found your blog while searching for people who are trying to find ways to save. I work for a company who manufactures water conserving showerheads. Check us out, they save $, perform great, and look nice.

Jeni said...

I actually had read about the tiered water rates before and they also sent out info with the last water bill. I think it makes sense to make the people who consume the most water bear more of the burden, but if that puts jed on his pole, I'll make sure not to bring it up haha.

As far as restaurants charging for water, well, that all depends on who gets the money for the water and how that money is used. I don't know how much of an impact that would have on water consumption. Perhaps if they switched to low flow toilets they'd conserve more. I know I personally drink one or two glasses maximum while dining out.

How about requiring businesses to landscape their property with at least 50% drought tolerant plants? I can't believe I drove over wet concrete this morning because these automatic sprinklers were watering. We had a huge rain on Sunday night and there was no reason for this at all!

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