Monday, April 19, 2010

Mission baby fat loss - day 22

DAY 22
Weight this morning:
150.5 (there's the bloat I was talking about ;)

45 minute turbo jam workout

1 frittata square (approx 1 egg and 1 cup cooked spinach, mushrooms, ham)
1 cup skim milk

1 diet Dr. Pepper
1 string cheese
handful of peanuts
garden salad with 4 oz london broil and light ranch dressing
1 diet Dr. Pepper
2 ground turkey lettuce wraps
1 cup stir fried veggies (with sauce)
1 SF fudgsicle

Yay for returning to exercise this week, and for attempting the longer harder workout! While I dabbled with the first phase of South Beach last week, now that hubby is home, we're both doing it full-fledged (as of today).


We seriously indulged this weekend with alcohol and carbs and sweets. What better way to kick off a diet?!

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