Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mission baby fat loss - day nine

Weight this morning:
154 (after workout and 1 glass of water)

20 minute turbo jam

1 bowl of cereal with skim milk

12 ounce Coke
1 banana
handful of peanuts
2 fish (tilapia) tacos with slaw and cream sauce (and they were goooooooood)
1 apple
1 grilled chicken burrito
1 serving roasted corn
1/2 cup of rocky road ice cream

The alarm woke me for the first time in a loooong time this morning. I wanted to roll back over and go back to sleep, but alas, I dragged my fat ass out of bed and got my turbo jam on.

Okay why is the scale going the OPPOSITE direction????? Maybe I need a new scale. Bastard.

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teg said...

Your Yahoos and Yikes made me laugh out loud. Don't get discouraged!!!

Malena said...

Fish tacos sound sooo yummy!
Hope you get a good night sleep tonight!

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