Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photos of the day - From warp speed to a snail's pace

As I was rushing this morning to get myself in the car (running late as usual), hubby directed me to look down. I never would have noticed this little guy. It was a reminder to me that it's important to look around once in awhile and appreciate the beauty of this life. It's easy to forget in the daily hustle and bustle all of the beauty that surrounds us. I stopped for a moment and watched the little guy, and ran inside and grabbed my camera (what was one more extra minute?).I have to admit, I've never even noticed all the lines and translucency in a snail's shell. They're beautiful.

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The Turner Family said...

BEAUTIFUL photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these, Jeni! Worth being an extra minute or two late for work! ;)

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