Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mission baby fat loss - day ten

Weight this morning:
154 (after workout and 1 glass of water)

20 minute turbo jam

1 bowl of cereal with skim milk

12 ounce Coke
handful of trail mix
grilled chicken burrito
roasted corn
1 dove chocolate
chocolate pudding cup with a tsp of peanut butter
veggie lasagna (with alfredo sauce)
2 glasses of wine (I needed it damn it)
a handful of crackers and an ounce or so of muenster

The scale did not go UP today. Woofuckinghoo. Perhaps it sensed my dissatisfaction yesterday? I'm thinking next week I might bump up the workout to the more intense one (30-35 min?) and do it at night. Hubby is traveling so I wont have the time in the morning. We'll see how that goes!

Yawn. I'm tired despite the 20 minute turbo jam and my morning caffeine. The pudding was completely unnecessary. I just ate it because I was bored. I do too much eating because of boredom. Oops on the wine...and cheese...and crackers.

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Malena said...

My new routine is to check your blog after my morning workout - you motivate me now! Thank you!

Seems every time I eat pasta I take several steps back...yesterday I had pasta for lunch and dinner, not good! Are you staying clear of bad carbs?

Jeni said...

Yay for finding motivation wherever you can! Yeah once I partake in starches, I tend to continue for a few meals. Especially because of the leftover factor. I'll be having leftover burrito for lunch. I really wanted a veggie dinner tonight too, but we've got like a cup of romaine lettuce and a cucumber and some mushrooms. Not enough for a meal. Perhaps I'll find something creative to do with frozen spinach? It sucks not having time to swing by the store after work!!

Rochelle said...

Reading your blog is making me want to work out! I say that as I'm eating a

Jeni said...

LOL Rochelle. That's awesome and I'd like to add that I think donuts are heavenly :)

MegRNC said...

I bet you anything that early next week you'll see like a 3-4 pound drop.

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