Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've been feeling very unfulfilled creatively lately. My hope is that this will serve as somewhat of a creative outlet for me and maybe even serve as a little entertainment for someone else.

We ate at The Federal last night. We shared the hummus and tabouli plate. I swear it's the best hummus plate in the world. The pita slices are perfectly seasoned and buttery and warm and just slightly crisp. M had the pork carnitas and I had the burger w/garlic fries. All the food I've had there has been awesome. God the burger was good. Mmm and it was $2.50 house wine night. Can't be beat.

We love living in central Durham. We're in the middle of everything. So many choices! There are so many restaurants we have left to try.

I went to the farmer's market this weekend for the first time. I can tell it will definitely be a Saturday tradition. It made me feel good to buy good food from local sources. I've been trying to get more inventive with my cooking. Trying to branch out by using ingredients I'm unfamiliar with. This week I think I'll buy some swiss chard. It's so pretty and I've never had it so I think that would be a fun experiment. I found what appears to be a good recipe online and I'm going to give it a try. It looks like a good starting point at least. The turnips were a new thing to me this past weekend. Saturday I made baked striper with a lemon-dill-white wine cream sauce, roasted root vegetables (baby carrots, baby turnips, onions, fingerling potatoes) with a red wine reduction and an arugula salad (with roasted garlic chevre, candied pecans and balsamic viniagrette). Most of the produce was from my Saturday trip and it was a truly yummy meal.

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Melanie said...

If you are going to describe meals that yummy, you're going to have to invite people, me for example, over for dinner to eat them!!! hahaha

Jeni said...

Next time I promise I will!!! I got that striper at trader joes. It's really really mild fish. You should check it out!

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