Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Los Comales (#2) - Roxboro Road, Durham

We had Los Comales again last night. We split chicken and pastor tacos and each had a pupusa. We went with our friends and brought home. I was already through 2 beers and one of my tacos when I remembered I had promised to take a photo this time. Pardon the quality, I was in a rush to keep eating!
The pupusa was excellent. It's made of cornmeal and was filled with some type of pork and melted cheese. It was much less greasier then the gordita had a few days ago. It appeared baked instead of fried, or perhaps just pan fried with less oil? I topped if off with some of their vinegary slaw, some salsa and sour cream. Delicious! We'll be going back soon. We're both enamoured that we've found a restaurant where we can get really good quality, fresh food for under $15 for both of us.

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