Monday, April 14, 2008

Mez - Page Road, Durham

Friday night was a lovely night to sit out on the patio at Mez. We got there super early and only a few tables were occupied. Our waitress was fantastic. Very friendly and attentive, but knew when to leave us alone.

I suppose since Mez is doing the upscale Mexican thing, they might be able to get away without comping chips and salsa. However, paying $6.95 for chips and guacamole (I couldn't see paying almost the same for just salsa) kind of annoyed me. The presentation was superb, as were the chips and the guac. Huge chunks of avocado. Yummy stuff.

M and I both ordered off the lunch menu. We were there in between lunch and dinner and they told us we could order from either. Surprisingly we both got vegetarian dishes. I got the veggie tacos and he got the spinach enchiladas. Though the veggies (squash, onions, mushrooms) were perfectly cooked, I didn't really care for the dish. There was a green sauce that was oddly tart on top of the tacos that just took over and it just wasn't my thing. There were 3 tacos, each comprised of two soft corn tortillas, but the tortillas were stuck together, so you had to eat both. Hard to explain, but I'd prefer to cut my calories in half by only eating one tortilla at a time. Yes, I know this is stupid and nitpicky...

M's enchiladas came with black beans and rice. The spinach enchiladas are for spinach lovers. They are literally only spinach inside, no cheese. They were excellent. I loved the sauce on top. The rice was interesting. It had a spice I'm not used to tasting in mexican rice, maybe it was cinnamon? Not sure. I had 2 glasses of house wine and M had 2 glasses of beer. Total with tip was $55. A little steep for mexican, but it was good, the weather was beautiful, and it was date night! I'd go back, but next time I'd like to try a meat dish I think.

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