Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mahi errrr Chicken

So I pull the fish out to thaw last night and don't really like the smell emanating from the bag when I slice it open. I put the fish in water anyways. I mix up that marinade and go outside to de-pollen the back porch. When I return the fish still smells really, well...fishy. I've now learned that when seafood smells like that, it tastes even stronger. At this point M reminds me of the last time I attempted to make mahi mahi and how much I disliked it. I really wish I had remembered that before I mixed up all this marinade. God my memory is crap! Quick thinking led me to some frozen chicken tenderloins. I sauteed some of this cabbage in olive oil and soy sauce I got from the farmer's market (looks like the plant from little shop of horrors). It's sweeter then green cabbage, I'll have to find out the name. Boiled some frozen green beans, tossed with hoisin, red chili sauce, a little more soy and some sesame seeds and threw in the oven. Ended up with this:
M didn't love the sweetness of the chicken marinade (probably all that honey) but still really liked it. I thought it was great. The spicy green beans complimented the sweetness of the chicken and cabbage really well.

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