Thursday, April 24, 2008

Striper with baby bok choy and pea shoot salad

We are very much eating seasonally these days, or at least trying haha. Last night I made dinner with mom. She came by to deliver wedding gifts! We're tryign to use up the rest of my farmer's market buys from Saturday.We did a quick marinade of soy, chili sauce, ginger and hoisin and baked the striper for 20 minutes on 375. For the baby bok choy we used this recipe and followed it exactly (except we didn't have a full pound of bok choy). It turned out lovely.

I know presentation is definitely lacking and as much as I wanted to drizzle some sesame oil on the plate and garnish the fish with some fresh parsley, WE WERE HUNGRY. So we just ate it haha.

Now on to the pea shoots...I've never had these before and we all agreed in hindsight that we should only use the leaves or perhaps stea
m it all for like 20 seconds. Even though we picked out the big stalks, the texture was a little tougher then what we're used to in a salad. Unique flavors, great use of the rest of a pea plant. Taste was yummy! I'll definitely attempt again with those modifications. We used regular honey and a little more bacon. I think I also used about 5 cups of the pea shoots instead of 3. Here's the recipe and photo.

Pretty healthy dinner if you don't count the bacon. And really you can't when it's mixed with all those veggies. M and I of course completely negated this meal later by binging on the rest of the box of kashi crackers and cheese hahaha.

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