Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday - More time downtown

After the farmer's market we went and did the early voting thing. There were no lines and it was really nice to just go do on a Saturday afternoon. The board of elections is on Corporation street (between duke and washington) and you can go register and vote early now through May 3rd, Monday-Saturday 8:30-5:30 (I think).

Next we went to Stone Brothers and Byrd off of Washington street. What an awesome place! They have pretty much anything for your garden/yard you could hope for. Really cute yard sculptures too and some yummy looking canned stuff like pickled artichokes and asparagus. We'll definitely be going back there when we start our front yard project. They're prices were very reasonable.

The earth day festival was in Durham central park. It was mostly booths filled with people giving out information on being "green". There was live music and a lot of families. I was hoping for some shameful carny food, but alas there was none. We bought a really cool hammock that's made out of nylon. It folds down to practically nothing, dries fast and is very portable. Managed to snap a photo of the wall at durham central park.

Lunch was had at toast. Finally I got to see what others have written so fondly about. I got the rapini, sweet italian sausage, roasted garlic (big ass cloves too) and asiago fresco panino. It was a crusty cheesey plate of goodness, perfectly seasoned. M had the spicy tuna. We shared the garlicky mushroom crostini and the pesto mozzarella crostini. Everything was excellent. The lady at the register was very friendly and turns out is a neighbor! Yummy food served by friendly people at a fair price? We're big fans. We'll be back.

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