Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday – Durham craft and farmer's market

Wow was the weather on Saturday fantastic or what? I had a very full day but I felt truly productive and really enjoyed spending the time outside :) I ventured early to the farmer's market because I've read that the selection is best in the morning. I've learned that I do well if I budget myself to about $25 when I go so that is all the cash I ever take. If I take any more, I want to try EVERYTHING. And as the work week goes, with all the best intentions, food will go to waste because there's just not enough time to use it all. This week I got pea shoots (recipe I'm pondering here), swiss chard (making it this way tonight), strawberries, arugula, baby bok choy, shallots, baby turnips, asparagus and tomatoes. Greens are in abundance at the farmer's market.

Swiss chard is also something I've been wanting to try. As I previously mentioned, though being raised most of my life in the south, I wasn't really exposed to southern cooking. Aside from kale and spinach, we really didn't do a lot of cooked greens at my house. But I'm branching out now and experimenting. So far the results have been good. The swiss chard is just too pretty to not try. Going to serve it tonight with a roasted chicken.
On my way back to the car, I stopped by the Durham craft market. There were about 6 booths set up. I think I was there a little too early. Nothing jumped out at me except for these gorgeous wood bowls and platters. Next time I'll try to stop by later.

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