Monday, April 14, 2008

Los Comales - Roxboro Road, Durham

So I've read so much about the local taquieras that I finally checked Los Comales out. I went and picked up take out for dinner on Saturday. Nice, clean, family oriented business that I will definitely be going back to soon (Tuesday in fact). I think I prefer to take-out just because the atmosphere is similar to that of a Subway or fast food chinese. I was happily greeted. The food took a little while, but everything was super fresh. They had a nice little salsa bar with some slaw, radishes, cucumbers and lime.

We got 4 tacos al pastor and 2 pollo gorditas to share. The tortillas had to be homemade and were very thin and very good. The meat was excellent. It was all filling and a great buy at only $12 for both of us. I'll take some photos of the next meal from there.

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Megrnc said...

i love posts about any of these places. we are so lucky to have them here!

Jeni said...

Indeed we are. I was thankful to read up on yours about toast. I've been wanting to try it out!

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