Friday, April 18, 2008

Saturday downtown Durham

The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow. I was planning on the farmer's market early. Now I see there is a craft market and an earth day festival. Sounds wonderful! Anyone else going to any of this?

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Megrnc said...

I signed up to do the craft market all through April and May and it hasn't happened yet. Usually the craft market is right in central park across from the FM but b/c of earth day, this week it's up the hill in the old site for the FM. I hope you go. I don't think a lot of people will make it (that's why I won't be there this week). But the earth day thingy promises to be great!

Jeni said...

Sorry I missed you. I'm dying to check out your farmer's market bags. There was a booth at the earth day celebration actually giving away sewing patterns to make grocery totes. They don't look nearly as nice or as durable as yours though!

Megrnc said...

i'm dying to sell them! 6 crafters were there, huh? Glad i didn't go. I will be posting on my blog when I'll be there next, hopefully will be this weekend.

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